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💗 The Waiting Game…. With Hindsight

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

I’m delighted to introduce this month’s Women Empowering Women guest Blogger the lovely Nurture Niche member Aoife Keely.

I met this young woman last June when I began my Nurture Niche Group. She has been on every Wednesday night since and inspired me to put the Journaling Gems and Regina’s Rituals workshops together.

She’s a very honest down to earth woman, says it as it is, I really like that. Her blog is exactly that, truthful, honest, and down to earth. Enjoy.

When I think of how naive I was about fertility. I wanted to be married, wanted a house this delayed us trying for a baby for years and years. I knew about it, but I suppose you just never think it will happen to you.

You can literally google and read into infertility or any illness endlessly and I did. Every blogger, doctor or guru whoever mentioned infertility online.... I read it. I was obsessed with finding out why I was infertile which led to fads. I stopped caffeine, meat, alcohol, nail varnish, any unnecessary chemicals and everything was organic. I was practically a monk! The reality was even the highly qualified expert doctors didn’t know that answer so I was hardly going to find it on instagram.

The internet can be a great place and social media can connect us which is fantastic. But it can also cause us to compare, feel jealousy and believe that little prefect square is someone’s real life when in actual fact that’s far from the truth.

Throughout my journey I Journaled. I always had, I set goals reviewed them and wrote inconsistently about my feelings or how things were going. I attended regular for acupuncture, dabbled with counselling and always trained at the gym. Hindsight is a great thing, but I wish I had had the tools I have now then.

After a five year wait with some terrible sadness, my story has a fairy tale happy ending as I sit now with two sleeping babies, we are so blessed. For anyone still on their journey that is what I would pass on, to apply consistency to the wellness side of your life because it’s a long road, a marathon and meditation, manifesting and journaling etc can only help.


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