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The Magical of The Ordinary.

I was out in the garden tidying up and looking forward to planting summer bedding plants in the coming weeks. When I noticed how hardy some plants are. The Fuchsia that are coming back time and time again, the evergreens, are always there, and of course the medicinal plants like rosemary, the royal herb.

The fragrance, the beautiful flowers it produces, and of course the properties it has to stimulate and encourage the body to heal itself. How simple and ordinary it looks sitting there among all the other plants, but how magical it is too.

As an aromatherapist, I have a heightened sense of smell. I think all of us that are trained in that beautiful art, are the same. Fragrances really heal me. They begin to induce a deep state of relaxation or bring back a memory that is really peaceful and happy. Then when the essential oil is applied to my body, the rest is just so euphoric.

But rosemary can be picked from the garden to garnish your favourite meat dish or flavour your roasted vegetables.

Then I see my ornaments, I love these, especially the fairy castle. When I was a child, I used to imagine being a princess and living in a castle. Looking out on the balcony into the garden with my crown and my beautiful dress.

The garden is such a magical place to be. All that grows is a miraculous work of art. Would you have ever thought that the garden could be so ordinary, but yet so magical?

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